Live always at the edge of poetic possibilty, even in the face of severe prose. - Walter Bruggemann

Monday, February 25, 2008

Every Day, and then the Rest

A Bird in Rehavia

There is a bird in Rehavia
who busy’s herself long before the sun’s rays warm the stone walkway;
long before the kiosk’s shutters open and the Turkish coffee is put up.
She nests in the crossroads of migration,
neither coming or going,
certainly no intention of leaving.
Rehavia is her home.
She warbles
and dawn wakes the night.
But the horn of a taxi,
And the bus engines sound.
It’s time to get up and her prophetic song fades into the day.
©Wagner 2008

1 comment:

hoppy said...

Very nice. Puts a lot of things in perspective. Humankind should take note.

Love, Me