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Saturday, September 20, 2008


The blueberry season is nearly finished in New Hampshire but we managed to pick over 5 pounds of absolutely delicious blueberries. The only thing better than fresh blueberries is a freshly baked blueberry pie. Stars are courtesy of my daughter Tina.


Dina said...

Five pounds?! Wow, I've never seen more than one pint of blueberries in any one place. Do you have pics of the picking? Are your fingers blue?
Talented Tina sounds like a star daughter.
Shabbat shalom with blueberry pie.

Suzanne said...

Yeah, 5 pounds. That's ALOT of blueberries. No photos of the picking, thought I'd have the experience in front of the camera. No blue fingers to note but the blueberries went very quickly into the basket or my tummy. And Tina, she's the brightest star of all.

kRiZ cPEc said...

looks tasty, but at 5 pounds, I need to think over it.