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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ABC Wednesday - Q

Q is for Quotidian!

Quotidian is one of my favorite words. I love the way it sounds, it rolls right off of your tongue into a peaceful exhale. It's not a quotidian word for me, in fact I almost never use it when I'm talking and I hardly ever see it in print. It's difficult to place in a sentence. But it's there, and it's a good one.

Quotidian = kwoh - tid - ee - uhn

1. daily: a quotidian report
2. usual or customary; everyday: quotidian needs
3. ordinary; commonplace: paintings of no more than quotidian artistry

4. something recurring daily: a quotidian fever

The quotidian endeavors in life give us structure and familiarity. The newspaper delivered at your door, a cup of freshly brewed coffee, a walk with the dog, a call to your mother are a part of what and who you are and, what you hold meaningful in life. Quotidian activities, while they may seem to be rote, ho hum or even boring by virtue of being quotidian can also exemplify the extraordinary. How would we know otherwise?

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Dina said...

Quite a post! Yep, it'll preach.

I learned the word by hearing it first in French, in Switzerland. You know how a monastery will have a Novice-master, a Guest-master, etc. Well, Sr. Hiltje was the Quotidian-master.

earthlingorgeous said...

Never used that word before but thanks for expanding my vocabulary. Q is such a difficult letter!

By the way, maybe you would like to join my bloggy anniversary giveaway :)


Bear Naked said...

QUOTIDIAN is a word I have never heard before.

I am QUITE late this week visiting your blog.
I was feeling QUEAZY yesterday.

Bear((( )))

Suzanne said...

Thanks all for your comments. Bear Naked hope your queaziness does not become a quotidian event.

Quotidian-master...I like it. Someone to help you through the daily routine of monastic life where quotidian is the life.

Bloggy anniversary giveaway?? I'l check it out.