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Friday, January 23, 2009

ABC Wednesday - A

Well, yes I have been a slacker to ABC Wednesday. I've got plenty of excuses from which I will spare you. When I clicked on today, for the first time since December 10, 2008, I was happy to see that this week's letter is A. There's nothing like redemption and the chance to begin a new.

The photo that I've chosen for my post is taken from a B & B on Moshav Amirim in the Galilee, Israel. The Inn is called Zivon, noted for the stunning views of the Galilee, wonderful rooms, and hot tubs! Really, there is nothing like sitting in a hot tub at night overlooking the Galilee region. Amirim is close to Safed.
This view is leading down to the hot tub area - daylight of course.
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DD said...

Wow this looks incredible!!! What a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing!

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