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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ABC Wednesday - J

A J late and a dollar short.
That's what I am this week, late. Even though it is Wednesday still in Connecticut, I realize that most ABCer's post on Tuesday. So, here's a late J and not so creative, but...This is a photo of Jerusalem during a hamseen. Hamseen's are hot, dry winds that blow in from the desert and stagnate. They last for a day or two and then when the winds kick up but they are cool and they blow all the schmutz out of the air. The schmutz...sand!
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Cindy said...

I would have been happy for one of those hamseens this winter! Cool picture..and thanks for visiting!

ROSIDAH said...

Wow, the hamseen seems so powerful! Happy ABC Wednesday :).

Carol said...

I have not heard of a Hamseen. It is very interesting to know something different. There seems to be alot of schmutz in this photo!

Karyn said...

cool J post....interesting picture.

Dina said...

Hey, that looks familiar.
And usually the chamsin/sharav/dust storm comes just after all of us have slaved away at spring/Passover cleaning.