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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone. I'm having my own celebration over here in Israel. Of course, I AM the only one having fun. I bought Max Brenner candy, enough with the Israeli salad already. Although I love Israeli salad (chopped cucumbers, tomatos and secret ingredients that transforms the ordinary into the extraoridinary), sometimes healthy living just is not enough. My costume? Well any Israeli can see that I'm wearing my costume every day. I stick out like a sore thumb.

I'd like to introduce you to Dancing with Mr. Bones the newest CD from my good friend and children's entertainer, Marcia Louis. She has kept me entertained for years. It's a great CD just like the rest of hers, so if you have children, grandchildren, great grandchildren buy one and try it out. They'll be delighted. Here's Marcia's website.
Trick or Treat
If you can't get to the links, Dancing with Mr. Bones is available at CD baby and Marcia's website is


hoppy said...

I was able to open the door for Mr. Bones in iTunes. Everything's connected. It's like the Rapper Fiddy's all about change.

chuck said...

Hey, darlin! Thanks for the Bones plug! What's Max Brenner candy. Is it chocolate? I bought the new super-sized Crunch bar and the ever-popular Milky Way. Only a handful of tricksters, so I have lots left over. I hear they freeze well, but doubt I'll get the chance to try that out! Had our first freeze the other night - hope you are sweating in Jerusalem. How's the new digs? xoxoBlanca