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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

School Days

Classes finally began at the Rothberg International School at Hebrew University. I've got some good courses and kind, down to earth professors. It should be a great semester of study. I've met some nice fellow students...even though I could be their ima (mother). My focus for the semester will be on Jews and Christians in dialogue and conflict in the Late Antiquity. Here are some photos of the University and RIS. Hebrew University is located on Mount Scopus.

The above photos are of the RIS building.

This is the plaza leading up the Boyer Building where RIS is located.

Tilted Tree Memorial for those killed in a bomb blast on July 31. 2007. This is in the plaza adjacent to RIS.

Other campus views.

The HU logo and views of Arab villages on the other side of Mount Scopus. When I am in class I can hear the muezzin calling Muslims to prayer.


Padre Mickey said...

Wow! What a great focus for the semester. I'd love to take classes in that area. I loves me some Late Antiquity!

sabba17 said...

Took class at Fairfield last year. Know what it's like to be abba

Suzanne said...

Late Antiquity...always a crowd pleaser! Especially around here.