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Monday, March 31, 2008

A Cup of Friendship

There is nothing like a good cup of friendship. Warm and nourishing, something to put your hands around and embrace. This past week my cup was refilled with a fresh cup as a group from home came for their yearly mission to Israel.

The very first time I came to Israel was with this group called the Bridgeport Community Mission. The participants were from synagogues and the Jewish community in Bridgeport. Many now have become very good friends. If it wasn’t for them, instilling a love for this place, I might have not taken my sabbatical year here. Let’s face it, I could have chosen the Bahamas, a much more tranquil location to renew myself.

They showed me Israel through their eyes, and made sure that, as a Christian, I was able to visit places that were sacred to me. It was my pleasure to join them this past week on their yearly visit and it was my honor to host them one afternoon at my apartment for a cup of friendship.

Ahh, pour me another cup.

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