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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Khamsin Time Once Again

As I talked about in one of my previous entries, it's Khamsin time in Israel. Hot and dry winds blow in from the desert and clear out a day or two later.

Yesterday I had an appointment in the Old City and when I began the 30 minute walk I noticed that the sky was not blue. I wondered if I should go back and get my umbrella. But then, I looked ahead and the air was just sort of like a veil of very thin muslin. It was hot and there was a slight breeze. I realized that this was another Khamsin and the muslin veil was very fine sand in the air that’s being imported from the eastern desert.

I made sure that the windows in my apartment were closed because well, let’s face it, cleaning is not on the agenda for a sabbatical. I continued into the Old City. The air is extremely dry and my throat a little scratchy. I've been sneezing throughout the day.
Looking at the Mount of Olives from the Old City.

Outside of the Old City looking towards it from across the street.

Now I know why the Arab men where kaffeyiah's. I needed one too.

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