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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey and the Middle East: A Contempory Overview

Now, what would you think? I received a batch email from the dean of graduate students at Rothberg International School entitled, "Turkey and the Middle East: A Contemporary Overview". Immediately I thought it was a talk on, you guessed it, turkey, thanksgiving day in the Middle East. I thought it was a little odd and I was right, of course. The dean meant the country of Turkey and the Middle East. That made me a little depressed since I'm missing Thanksgiving and all of the activities that accompany it. How could I have let my mind wander so far off of the beaten path??

Sure there are small dinners around here in Israel - Ex pats, American students who are attempting to recreate a wonderful meal. And then for 200 shekels I could go to the Inbal Hotel (fancy schmancy) and have a thanksgiving meal. But, somehow, it's not working for me. So an American friend and I will have dinner this evening, Israeli style after we do our weekly marketing at the shuk.

The meal is only a small part of Thanksgiving. Of course we all know that, but it takes being away from the familiar to help you realize what you have and what you are thankful, really thankful for. As I imagine the aroma of turkey cooking. And practically taste the ham that we pick at until the turkey is done, I'm counting my blessings in life.

I thank God for my children and family, for all of my friends, for Milo (my dog back in the states), for home and hearth and for love. I thank God for the familiar that gives stability in my life and for the unfamiliar that allows me to see creation through different eyes. I thank God for each day of my life.

Happy Hodu* Day to everyone.

*Turkey, the bird, not the country

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hoppy said...

Wish you were here and not in Turkey.
Me. Very well put as they say.