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Friday, May 2, 2008

Darajat Information

Tomer Cahana, a tour guide in the Negev, had a vision for the village of Darajat. They have done extraordinary things in the life of he village and he would like for Darajat and it's people to become a place where people, tourists, will visit. Several of the villagers have gone on to become tour guides themselves and bring tourists to the village. Tomer's hope is that through this program and others in Darajat that it will become a economically thriving village.

The 'summer school' which I attended was only the second time that such a program was held. Our experience was written about in Haaretz both in the English and Hebrew edition.

Sunrise over Darajat

Mah salaameh, Mah salaameh


Dina said...

Right you are. Darajat should certainly go on the intinerary of every tourist group. More Israelis should visit and learn too.

DC Grandpa said...

I'm going to Israel this Fall. DO you have contact information for this guide? I love your blog and all the great pictures you share. Thanks.