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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One Last Photo from Darajat

One of the most exciting, unplanned activities or, eh hum, learning experiences happened on the last night that we were in Darajat. We were sitting around the dinner table outside the home in which we lodged. The sun had gone down and the hamseen had broken so the wind was nice and cool after so many days of hot and sandy wind and dry air. A mixture of Hebrew and Arabic jokes were whirling around the table. A few, that were suitable for my ears, were translated into English.

A few of the children were still awake and sitting on the steps next to us. They began squealing and then yelling. A man ran to them, took off his sandal and whacked it on the ground a few times. We didn't know what was happening except that it was rather intense compared to the levity at the dinner table. Their squealing stopped and they gathered around the one sandaled man to see the catch of the day.

The catch...a scorpion.

I blogged about this traumatic event in an earlier blog but my friend and 'roomie' had a photo of the booger. Just want to show you that I WAS NOT KIDDING about the scorpion!! She gave me permission to post the photo. Nice, scorpion huh?

You can check out Dina's blog at for another view of life in Jerusalem.


Brother Richard said...

I'll never watch Spiderman again!

Dina said...

Hey, nice photo, Roomie! LOL