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Friday, June 20, 2008


Welcome to Amirim. Amirim is a vegetarian moshav in the upper Galilee about 20 minutes from Safed. WOW! This is the place to go if you want some good food, great accommodations and a spectacularly relaxing visit while you are in the Galilee.

Pardon the infomercial here but...we stayed at Zivon Guesthouse. The rooms were warm and lovely and very large each with its own kitchenette. When I entered my room there were balloons on my bed!!! I think I had the honeymoon suite. What were they thinking? We really enjoyed our two night stay and agreed that we really didn't need to see anything else after Zivon!
My front door.
Anat, the guesthouse owner loved gardening. Her roses were quite lovely and she had lemon verbena, mint and lots of other herbs planted around Zivon. We could pick them and make tea in our rooms.Outside of the room next to me where my son stayed was this swinging chair. Which, of course, we all fought to sit in. How antithetical to such a quiet and peaceful place.
The view from the porch and the swinging chair - see what I mean?
One of the better features of Zivon was the hot tub. I'm a hot tubber from way back - eat your hearts out Marcia and Chuck. This is the way down to the hot tub inside of the little cabin. The view as you can see was marvelous.
The TUBView from the tub at night.


chuck said...

Sweet! Where's the bucket for you empty beer cans? xoxoC&M

Dina said...

Sure beats Darajat...