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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Forget the Bible...Today, We Ride

While my son and his friend visited the Holy Land we took a few days off of our 'heavy' sightseeing schedule to visit the Sinai. When I asked my sons and their girlfriends what they wanted to do when the came to visit, Dan said very simply, "I want to ride a camel in the desert!" We did a whole lot more than that.When I first visited the Sinai I stayed in Taba which is just over the border. Realizing that we had to drive a distance to get to St. Catherines and Mt. Sinai this time we stayed in Dahab. In Arabic the name Dahab means gold. The beaches were golden and wonderful. Dahab is about halfway down the Sinai Peninsula between Taba and Sharm El Sheikh.
Why leave the resort pool.... ...for this?? I know, it's crazy!
Brandi stargazing on the beach. But enough stargazing. We donned our helmets and jumped on our ATV's and headed down the coast to the lagoon for some snorkeling
Gettin' down with the home boys of the local Bedouin 'hood. Of course, having some tea.
After snorkeling for an hour we jumped back on our ATV's and headed for the desert. Dan and Brandi's first (maybe only) camel riding experience. One of them is having fun. And, as you will remember, this is where I met my love, Al Foud.
The camels rested and one of them really rested.
Local teen firing up the kettle...tea time.
Tourist + Bedouin = Shopping
After we dismounted and collapsed on the pillows in the tent one of the boys who lead the camels also lead us to the top of a mountain. I stayed and had more tea. (Photo by Dan)
The sun was beginning to relax and so were we. The shadows were long on the sand. This photo of me on Al Foud was inspired by a similar photograph by my friend Bill Glucroft.
Love Sinai!

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