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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Introducing....Ethel Smith

One of the greatest Hammond Organ players of all time is Ethel Smith. She is the Grande Dame of the Hammond Organ. She tickles the plastic ivories like there's no tomorrow. In fact, maybe there is no tomorrow! Oh well! Better be ready.

At the lowest point of my Bahamian vacation one day melted right into the next. When one sunset receded into the archives of life and sunrise appeared just as wonderful as the day and night before....when you get on your "noodle" to traverse the Bahamian turquoise, and all is well with the universe. When you think that nothing, NO NOTHING will bring you back to the rhythms of your normal, every day life... Ethel appears.

Thanks to my friends, I've been a fan of Ethel for a couple of years. She's great. She's a must. I've got a CD with 24, yes, 24 of her masterpieces.

Check her out.

What are your greatest 24 hits in life so far?


chuck said...

A couple of years? HA! It only seems that way because Ethyl's music is so very timeless. Or maybe, it's stuck in a time warp- probably about 1947. Anyway, glad you enjoy the music. It really makes you want to do SOMETHING, whether it's packing, making meatloaf or having a nervous breakdown.
Only a few days left. Remain calm.
We are sure gonna miss you, but it's going to be great to have a dog car again(just kidding. Mostly.) xoxosisthwifeblanca

hoppy said...

Ethel Smith reminds me of our mother. Settle soon so we can communicate. I'll see if I can dig up a little Arthur Godfrey with his uklelele.