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Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Countdown

Here it is, another Monday. The reality of my move is beginning to set in. You see it's just not my calendar and glasses any more, it's my calendar, glasses and paperwork. There are half packed boxes, and a food cabinet that I'm slowly depleting. To live amidst chaos and remain at peace is a Zen thing. Om, Om, can 'ya hear me now?? OOOMMMMM.

Everything is falling into place nicely though. I had a thanksgiving dinner for the family over the weekend, turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie - the works. I broke my vegetarian regimen for a spiritually and physically nurturing feast. The thanksgiving meal is good for the heart and for the soul. It brings up the past year's not-so-great moments so you can be thankful that you have arrived to a new a different place in your life. The thanksgiving meal helps you to stop, come to a halt amidst the craziness of life itself and take account of the goodness of creation. Because God is present in every breath we take, every bit we chew, every box we pack.

Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist monk and author says in his book, "Peace is Every Step", "...we can realize peace right in the present moment with our look, or smile, our words, and our actions." Peace is in every step. The thanksgiving meal brings inner contentedness and peace. There is something very visceral about this delicious soul food. So, in the 80 degree, humid day Saturday, I made thanksgiving and enjoyed watching every one devour and savor the moment.

Here are a couple of weekly/monthly items to watch for on my blog in addition to my general musings. 52 Shabbatot: a weekly theological reflection from the Holy Land. Israel Blooms: a photo of what's blooming in Israel for the month.

What's that? I can hear the wrestle of packing paper. I think it's calling my name. Suzanne, Shoshannah (in Hebrew), you've got work to do. Blog later, pack now and for the sake of peace take a break for leftovers.

Two down, two to go.


HAH said...

I just logged onto your blog and think it is fantastic! I love your photographs and can't wait to see more, of course the writings and thoughts are great too.

We are going to miss you!

Suzanne said...

Thanks HAH! Computer and camera make a nice combo.