Live always at the edge of poetic possibilty, even in the face of severe prose. - Walter Bruggemann

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Countdown? Who's Counting! Today is Moving Day.

Twas the night before M'day and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring 'cept the dryer and louse.
The dust bunnies snuggled 'hind sofas and chairs,
Just waiting for movers whose brawn is laid bare.

And what? to surprise there arose such a clatter,
the tape on the boxes unraveled and shattered.
"Oh no we won't go", screamed the sheets and the towels
"Shut up" said the dishes, done deal so don't howl.

Your whining and crying, they really don't matter,
Her mind is made up and it will not shatter.
You think I have nothing else worthy to do,
then blogedy blog at this moment to you?

Geez, will someone help, I can't get out of rhyme land.

Four Down and NONE to Go


Cynthia said...

LOVE the picture--reminds me of my inner life on some days!

You're coming clean, my dear.

Suzanne said...