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Monday, September 3, 2007

Monday Countdown

There are only four Mondays left now until my departure date for Israel. It's Labor Day and I'm torn between doing nothing, panicking, or packing. Blogging is always a good distracter so I guess blogging it is.

I spent the weekend in Rhode Island getting Tina and her fiance moved into their new little home. Quite sweet. So, it's official, I am now an empty nester and damn proud of it. I think I did my job well and they are all off on their own. (for now I'm told). I don't know why this empty nest ever got a bad rap. You've just gotta prepare for the day. Me? I'm fleeing the nest too. Israel, yikes, ISRAEL.

How does one pack for a year in Israel. What do I do with all this #*!!? Those mommy robins and cardinals never seem to have a problem. They just fly off and leave a feather or two. I've got 28 years of junk to get rid of, donate, burn, whatever. Lord, help me, really, I'm not kidding this time.

The curious thing to me is deciding what to actually bring to Israel for a year. I'll pick up a vase and think I can't live without it and then put it down and realize that I can. I pick out 15 books that I'd like to take and read and then realize that wouldn't leave much more room, weight wise, in my luggage. So my clothing and a special photo album that I have prepared is what I'm going to take.

Other than that, Salvation Army will be delighted, I'll have some very spiritual experiences at the dump heaving my life's clutter over the big wall, and the rest of the contents of my life will be stored in a 150 square foot storage unity at Westy. Now that is either scarry or sad, still deciding on that one. I'll let you know as the Monday Countdown progresses.

One Down, Three to Go

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