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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Scuttlebutt and the Weather Channel forecasts SNOW for the near future in Jerusalem. Maybe during the night the white stuff will blanket the Holy Land. Let's see. Hebrew University sent out an alternative snow did my belly dance teacher. I hear that the rabbinical students at Hebrew Union College also received some information about snow forecasts and schedules. I guess people are gearing up. It is a little weird since it's in the 40's here but I guess you never know.

What I haven't seen though is a mad dash to the grocery store to clean off the shelves. Ya know, I never did understand that anyway. Most people in Fairfield County own SUV's that can run in any weather, on any terrain. It's not like the 19th century where you'll be snowed in for days on end with nothing to eat. They can get out of their driveways with little effort What's with that? But I'm off the track.

Today was cold, rainy/sleety and windy. My neighbor and I went for a walk up to Mea Shearim to pick up an embroidered gift that I had ordered for some friends. She has a miniature poodle named Trotsky who went with us. Trotsky's ears were flapping in the wind; at times we couldn't even walk a step because the wind was so strong. At least the rain had subsided while we walked. Trotsky had on his fur trimmed quilted raincoat; at least he was dry and warm. People stared at him. Some smiled. Some jumped back in fear. Honestly, Trotsky is not the most intimidating dog I've ever seen. There are not so many dogs here in Israel as are in the US. We returned with the gift and a Rabbi Matching game which held our interest for about 45 minutes.

So I'm hunkerin' down for the snow. I guess that's a universal reaction to the white stuff. I made a big pot of my famous chili, baked some banana bread and have poured myself a glass of Yardin Chardonney wine. Now I wait. Baby it doesn't get any better than that!

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